Below are some success stories from happy patients!

“One weekend in the beginning of June, I felt a pinch in my lower back. I tried very hard all day not to move it much and hoped it would go away. By that evening I could hardly walk. I tried Ibuprofen and heat and took it easy for a couple of days until it went away. About a week and a half later after spending the entire day cleaning, again I could hardly move that night. I repeated the same steps to make it go away. Then it happened again a bit later after spending the previous two days at my daughter’s college orientation. That’s when I knew I needed to call someone. I called Goldsboro Spine Center and was seen within the hour. I started my Rehabilitation Therapy that day and with the help of everyone at Goldsboro Spine Center, I am feeling GREAT!”
Linda R.
“Before coming to Goldsboro Spine Center I was having severe pain in my right shoulder. I could hardly move my arm without pain. I found out that I had Cervical Vertebrae Degeneration. After 15 of 24 visits, I am able to move my arm and shoulder with little pain. I am sure by my last visit everything will be fine and I will continue maintenance visits. I am very pleased with the great care I am receiving from Goldsboro Spine Center.”
Lauren D.
success stories, Success Stories, Goldsboro Spine Center
success stories, Success Stories, Goldsboro Spine Center
“When I started coming, I couldn’t walk without pain all day. Now I have relief from pain during the day. I feel coming here has changed my life. I can do more now than I could before. Goldsboro Spine Center doctors and staff are so kind and caring. They really care about people and show it. I’d like to thank them all for my new start in life.”
Judy S.
“I began my chiropractic care because I had been experiencing really bad lower back pain. I had experienced this problem for about three or four months before I came to Goldsboro Spine Center. I did not know much about chiropractic treatment before coming to this facility. I did not try any treatments prior to chiropractic treatment because I did not know what to do with the pain; I did not really want to go to a regular doctor. Now, I can do just about anything I want to do. I can work harder in some things, and my symptoms are much better than before treatment. This experience so far has changed the way I play and work. This is a great facility and I no longer have back pain. I love it!”
Jonathan B.
“For the past four years I have had stiffness and pain in my neck. Also I have had a limited range of motion in the movement of the head to the right. The pain was especially noticed at night as I was unable to get my neck and head comfortable. The only thing that I had done for the pain in the past was treat the symptoms with pain medication. I was then referred to the spine center by my good friend, who had also had a good experience there. I was then informed of major problems in the curve of my spine in my neck as shown by x-rays. I since have been given adjustments, traction and exercises. I can now look and move my head the same amount in both directions. Since my first treatment I have had very little to no neck pain or stiffness. Every day movement gets much easier as treatment progresses.”
Mark S.
“I began chiropractic care because I had been experiencing low back and neck pain. Migraines were also a continuous problem. I had experienced these symptoms for more than fifteen years prior to coming to Goldsboro Spine Center. On a scale from 1 – 10, my pain was a 10. I was unable to move, bend, or turn and my pain resulted in me staying home and taking medications to try to relieve it. I had never been to a chiropractor before nor was I ever referred to one. I heard about Goldsboro Spine Center when I attended a Wellness Fair. Before coming to Goldsboro Spine Center, I had tried Rehabilitation Therapy and taking pain medications to try to get rid of my symptoms. I was told that I would hurt no matter what. Since beginning chiropractic care, I have had less headaches, no migraines, my range of motion has improved and I am now able to walk for longer periods of time.  I am able to get around more and without always taking pain medicine prior to physical activity. Great staff! I was scared the first time, but now I am comfortable with the adjustments and have no fear due to the great doctors!”
Debra C.
“I’ve had back pain for many years. My orthopedic doctor diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease, which is a condition associated with Osteoarthritis. The only relief was medication. I was taking 800mg of Motrin. I met Dr. Fair at the Feast in the East festival. She did a simple test that showed me that I have severe nerve pressure. On my first visit she did further testing and x-rays. On my second trip to the office I talked my wife into coming with me and I received my first adjustment. Dr. Fair showed me the results of the exam and x-rays and began corrective treatment that day. Within 2 weeks, I felt a major difference. The constant pain began to subside and I found I could move better. My job requires driving and heavy mechanical work. When I got home at the end of the day I could barely get out of the truck. Now I can move freely. I can do the required bending and stooping and turning with very little pain or discomfort. I can now get out of the truck at the end of the day. We are now down to twice weekly visits. Our treatment consists of adjustments if needed, and exercises to continue to strengthen my muscles. We also work on increasing our balance and we have a good time. I wish that I had done this a long time ago.”
Jim B.
success stories, Success Stories, Goldsboro Spine Center
success stories, Success Stories, Goldsboro Spine Center
“I have suffered from pain down into my legs from time to time. I could not lift my right arm over my head. I am seventy- five years old this year, and I just thought I was supposed to feel this way. I would take pain medication and Vioxx for years when I felt pain in my legs. It would help me cope with the pain but, it would not make it any better the next day. When I came into the Goldsboro Spine Center I had a spine exam and x-rays done. I saw my results and found out that subluxation and degeneration were a major part of my condition. The doctors designed a treatment plan and an exercise plan for me and we would do them in the office. I now can lift my right arm over my head, and I have no symptoms when I do daily routine tasks.”
Clara H.
“I am 25 years old and have always had body aches and chronic migraine headaches! I have gone to see many different Doctors and have taken many over the counter pain relievers to try to heal my problems. Only now thanks to Dr. Mike and Dr. Torri have I realized that I needed to treat the cause of the problems and not the symptoms. I have learned that when your body gets to the point of pain, there is a problem and this pain is your body’s natural way of telling you that something is not right. I have been seeing Dr. Mike and Dr. Torri for about a month now and I have noticed a big difference in the way that I feel! I have not had any headaches in quite a while! I am now at the point where I receive preventative maintenance adjustments only once a week now! Just taking the time out to take care of your spine and all of its parts can be so beneficial in the long run. I now know many different exercises that I can do at home to help keep my body aligned. This whole chiropractic health experience has definitely been very enlightening and I have learned so very much from Dr. Mike and Dr. Torri! It has been an uplifting experience, not only physically but spiritually as well. So, thank you to Dr. Mike and Dr. Torri and Sherry for all of your help, understanding and support!”
Christina B.