Goldsboro Spine Center offers an array of additional health services for customers. Here are a few of the major ones:

Flexion Distraction

Flexion-Distraction is an effective and economical technique of disc decompression which uses a specially designed chiropractic table which allows the patient to bend or flex at the waist and also permits specific head motion along with enabling isolated vertebral separation. This technique is best for patients with current or chronic disc problems. This technique also works as a prophylactic measure to assist in preventing disc problems in patients who are predisposed to such conditions.


Goldsboro Spine Center has on site X-Ray facilities. If further imaging is needed, for example MRI or CT scan, the doctors can order them for you.

Intersegmental Table

Spinal discs receive nutrients from the fluid circulation upon spinal joint movements. Joint misalignment in the spine hinders this action from occurring and causes thinning and degeneration of the discs. Intersegmental traction/roller table works by creating passive motion that causes mild stretching of the spinal joints and improves mobility. Intersegmental traction table functions by mobilizing the spinal column while at the same time gently stretching the muscles and ligaments. When the postural muscles of the spine or the muscles which help in keeping an individual in a straight position are disturbed or affected badly due to injury, fatigue, poor posture or accident, it causes spasms in them.


Cervical decompression is a type of spinal traction that is done as a short-term treatment for neck pain. Cervical decompression is designed in a way to relieve cervical nerve root compression and muscle spasms. A steady or intermittent force is applied to the neck in order to stretch the cervical muscles and soft tissues along with widening the spaces between the upper vertebrae by using a manual, i.e. hands only or mechanical force. The chiropractor decides the amount of force and the length of time a person stays in a cervical decompression. The amount of pressure for cervical traction is increased gradually.

In the same way, in lumbar decompression, intermittent or continuous force is applied to the lumbar spine either manually or mechanically. The aim of lumbar decompression is to decrease the back pain related with back muscle spasms and lumbar nerve root impingement. Lumbar decompression is also done for treating lumbar herniated disc or protruding discs, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. Just like cervical decompression, lumbar decompression also increases the space between the vertebrae, and relieves back pain and promotes healing.

Class 4 60 Watt Laser

High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) offers patients a painless, non-surgical and side effect free treatment for conditions previously refractive to traditional medical care. Conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, head, neck and back pain (stenosis, disc herniations and sciatica), arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot and heel pain, ligament and tendon injuries, muscle bruising, and even non-healing wounds, to name a few, all respond well to HPLT. 

The mechanism of action for laser therapy comes from its ability at the cellular level to “bio-stimulate” tissue growth and repair. This results in accelerated wound healing as well as a dramatic decrease in pain, inflammation, and scar tissue formation. Unlike all other treatment modalities, laser therapy actually “heals” tissue as well as providing a powerful non-addictive form of pain management.

3D BodyView Posture Scan

3D BodyView™ Posture Scan is the latest in 3-dimensional imaging so patients can see how their feet can affect their entire body. A properly aligned body will have symmetrical feet, level knees, pelvis and shoulders. 3D BodyView provides clinical insight by showing: areas of deformity, levels of asymmetry, and abnormalities between the left and right foot. Following a foot scan, you will get a report showing pronation/stability Index, a foot assessment, and a body assessment.

This device is the most accurate 3D technology in its class – this same technology is used for industrial inspection of jet engines and other critical precision equipment.

Health and Wellness Consults

When you have achieved the goals we have set to resolve your complaints, the Doctors at Goldsboro Spine Center will offer you the opportunity to continue to improve your health by entering into the Wellness Care or Maintenance Care. This next step is designed to help you optimize what has been accomplished up to this point. The barriers to achieving your best health have been removed with regular treatment, but toxins, stress, and physical traumas are still affecting you everyday. The nervous system works best when the joints of the spine are freely moving.

The Doctors will tend to the spinal restrictions that occur as you live your life. Wellness Care & Maintenance Care are like a tune-up for your nervous system.


Our Commitment To The Patient

It is the intention and purpose of our office to support as many people as possible in their quest for better health, and to educate them about Natural health choices, so they may in turn, educate others.

Through education, we give each patient an understanding of their specific condition and personal health picture. This will empower the patient to take control of their health, rather than be controlled by an existing unwanted health condition.

Our office will serve as a Center of Education. We look to inspire, motivate, coach and lead our patients so they may achieve their best health possible. If you are serious about your health and want the most advanced techniques that are alternatives to taking medications, you owe it to yourself to try the Goldsboro Spine Center.

Why do you want to receive treatment at our office?

Most patients, when they come to our office, have one of two objectives in mind. Some come for symptomatic relief of pain or discomfort (Relief Care). Others are interested in having the cause of their problem, as well as the symptoms, corrected (Corrective Care).

Assuming that we will be working together to meet all your health care needs, it is important for you to understand all the ways the Goldsboro Spine Center can serve you. We believe in education as well as adopting a positive health orientation of well-being. If this is important to you, we can assure you our office will serve you well

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